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Dr. Armando Guerrero Jr. is a scholar in Spanish Linguistics.  He is a Lecturer and Co-Director of the Language Program at UCLA in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese where he teaches on Spanish variation in the United States. He has previously taught at California State University San Marcos, Chapman University, Santa Ana Community College, and Long Beach City College.  Dr. Guerrero is also a linguistics consultant to the Federal Public Defender and the Los Angeles County Public Defender on cases concerning Spanish language and Latinx cultural practices.   

His research agenda broadly explores Spanish language variation in the United States. He studies how social identities and cultural practices are constructed and negotiated through linguistic interaction in Spanish-speaking communities in the Mexican diaspora, with a primary interest in the ethnolinguistic repertoire of heritage speakers in the Southwest. His methodological approach is interdisciplinary, encompassing tools in sociolinguistics, anthropology, and sociology.

He volunteers as a founding member and Secretary on the board of directors at Soleil Academy Charter School in Lynwood, CA.

He enjoys to read, travel, and practice yoga.

Sociolinguist specializing in Mexican Spanish and Spanish as a heritage language in the United States