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coaching & consulting.

There is no question that language is nuanced, whether you are a native, heritage speaker or second language speaker. How we use language is directly informed by our unique experiences, so how you speak is characteristically you. The heterogeneity of the Latinx community is reflected in our language choices and use-–and as you can imagine, it's very varied! 

My services include:

Dialect language coaching. 

My coaching is a true mentorship where you will explore specific phonetic differences in Spanish and/or English to develop and negotiate various Latinx identities, on and off screen. I work closely with you to highlight a linguistic repertoire that best aligns with the desired target character or performance.

Ethnolinguistic consulting. 

My consulting includes analyzing linguistic phenomena to achieve cultural empowerment and linguistic liberation, whether you intend to reach the Latinx community or you aspire to better understand the sociocultural context behind language use.

I have 9-years experience studying human social behavior and linguistic patterns. Don't second guess language observations, product marketing and delivery, or language presentation. Contact me for a free expert consultation to discuss the details of your project.

let's work on your next project together!

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Partnerships & collaborations

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